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Stay Warm For Less
Miller Gas & Oil has many ways to save

Heating homes and businesses since 1928, Miller Gas & Oil offers a variety of economical heating solutions using heating oil and propane to keep you and your family warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer.

Keeping customers warm and cozy takes unparalleled service. Miller Gas & Oil offers several service programs, all meant to keep your heating systems operating smoothly and efficiently.

Special Financing HELP Now Available!
Miller Gas & Oil offers the Keystone Home Heating Equipment Loan Program (HELP):
7.99% Fixed Rate, Unsecured Financing for ENERGYSTAR® and other Qualifying Heating & Cooling Systems, Windows, Doors, Insulation, Geothermal and Solar Systems. Learn more! Call 1-800-222-5503 or send an e-mail to enroll today.

Heating oil: Miller Gas & Oil provides traditional heating oil with 410 HiFlame for a cleaner burn.

New Hi-Flame 410:
The 410 HiFlame oil additive helps heating units burn oil efficiently and cleanly. This premium additive improves stability, combustion, and fuel economy, giving customers more heat for their money.

The 410 HiFlame oil additive:

  • Contains sludge depressants, detergents, stabilizers and soot destroyers
  • Limits condensation and keeps the lines and strainers clean
  • Improves combustion, reduces unburned carbon deposits, fights corrosion and neutralizes corrosive fumes
  • Controls emissions and air pollution

Propane: Miller customers get propane that costs less than electricity and is always in steady supply. Miller propane can fuel your space heater as well as your water heater.

Propane Systems:
Three service programs offer benefits including emergency service, pressure tests, thermocouples and pilot checks, motor lubrication as well as other inspection and maintenance work.

Heating Oil Systems:
Miller Gas & Oil heating experts will conduct periodic inspections and adjust boilers or furnaces as well as make repairs and replace parts.

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